The book Suffering Eyes is distributed exclusively through farmed animal sanctuaries, ensuring that all proceeds go to rescue. Sanctuaries receive books free of charge to sell and keep the proceeds. To contribute to the sustainability of this project, visit our Donate page or find out how you can sponsor a sanctuary.

The Suffering Eyes Project has supported the following farmed animal sanctuaries:

Animal Place (Grass Valley, California, USA)
Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary (Kemptville, Ontario, Canada)
 *See Visit to Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary
Catskill Animal Sanctuary (Saugerties, New York, USA)
Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary (Lakeside, Ontario, Canada)
Ching Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (Riverton, Utah, USA)
Cloa's Ark Animal Sanctuary (Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
 *Sponsored by Deborah Fountain (Massachusetts) and Jason Nadeau (Quebec)
Farm of the Free (Smyrna, Georgia, USA)
Fauna Foundation (Chambly, Quebec, Canada)
Freedom Hill Sanctuary (Woodside, South Australia)
 *Sponsored by Mehtap Akdogan (UK)
For the Animals Sanctuary (Blairstown, New Jersey, USA)
Full Circle Farm Sanctuary (Weaverville, North Carolina, USA)
Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary (Campbellville, Ontario, Canada)
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary (Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada)
Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary (Ravenna, Ohio, USA)
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary (Stockton, California, USA)
Home Free Farm (Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada)
 *Sponsored in the memory of Frank G. Vann (Ontario)
Maple Farm Sanctuary (Mendon, Massachusetts, USA)
North Mountain Animal Sanctuary (Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge (Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA)
Pigs Peace Sanctuary (Stanwood, Washington, USA)
Sanctuary One (Jacksonville, Oregon, USA)
Sasha Farm Animal Sanctuary (Manchester, Michigan, USA)
Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary (Zephyr, Ontario, Canada)
The Gentle Barn (Santa Clarita, California, USA)
The Grass is Greener Farm Sanctuary (Ontario, Canada)
 *Sponsored by Paula T. Webb (Arizona)
United Poultry Concerns' haven for chickens (Machipongo, Virginia, USA)
Wishing Well Sanctuary (Bradford, Ontario, Canada)
 *See Visit to Wishing Well Sanctuary

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